"Old Software Never Dies, It's Just Hard to Find It When You Need It!"

Nuvocom Services

Software Research

As pioneers in the on-line and Internet services industry, Nuvocom associates have extensive personal knowledge of technologies developed by this industry from 1967 through today, including:

  • Electronic commerce
  • Email, chat, and other electronic communications
  • Network and application protocols
  • Compressed digital graphics (inventors of GIF)
  • Electronic distribution of multimedia
  • Machine translation of natural language
  • Component and circuit design
  • Software engineering
  • Graphics User Interfaces - GUI's
  • Encryption and security
  • Client-server and distributed environments
  • Computer room design and protection
  • Broadband communications

Nuvocom associates invented novel, unobvious and useful technology in these areas.



Software Archaeology and Demos

We are experienced at locating old software, resurrecting the original hardware and software environment, and demonstrating it. We have access to many obsolete (but working) computers (with contemporaneous software) for this purpose. We are not just "The Software Indiana Jones" (we're not even from Indiana); we use modern tools when appropriate to recover software and to make the most effective demonstrations of the technology.

Expert and Fact Witness

Our industry experience and presentation skills have been used effectively on behalf of our clients in court. We have served as expert witnesses in a number of high-stakes cases, and were fact witnesses in the historic Amazon 1-click case and others. While our first priority is to help you avoid going to court, we stand ready to help your attorneys at trial if necessary.

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