"Old Software Never Dies, It's Just Hard to Find It When You Need It!"

Nuvocom Services

Software Research

As pioneers in the on-line and Internet services industry, Nuvocom associates have extensive personal knowledge of technologies developed by this industry from 1967 through today, including:

  • Electronic commerce
  • Email, chat, and other electronic communications
  • Network and application protocols
  • Compressed digital graphics (inventors of GIF)
  • Electronic distribution of multimedia
  • Machine translation of natural language
  • Component and circuit design
  • Software engineering
  • Graphics User Interfaces - GUI's
  • Encryption and security
  • Client-server and distributed environments
  • Computer room design and protection
  • Broadband communications

Nuvocom associates invented novel, unobvious and useful technology in these areas.



Software Archaeology

We have unique access to a database of CompuServe technology, including extensive source code from 1980 - 2000.

Expert and Fact Witness

Our industry experience and presentation skills have been used effectively on behalf of our clients in court. We have served as expert witnesses in a number of high-stakes cases, and were fact witnesses in the historic Amazon 1-click case and others. We are pretty much retired from performing expert and fact testimony, but will consider your issue on a case by case basis.

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